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Making notebooks private?

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Is there anyway I can make one of my notebooks private? I love the set up for Evernote and the tags too but I want to use it for my therapy with counseling and when I see my psychiatrist. I don't want people I don't know reading the some of the stuff I write because its very personal. Is there anyway of making the notebook private so only I can see it when I open it?

I have my iPad set up so that it reads what I write. So I don't need them to access it and read it that way. I like it better the way I always do it because helps me communication wise.

So yeah, anyway I can make the notebook private?

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I think you need to search the board on sharing. The default of Evernote is to be private. If you're sharing (IE blogging), you really need to be aware of how sharing works & what you are sharing to the world. I only occasionally share individual notes, so I can't speak directly to your situation.

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