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(Archived) Default calendar for Notes Incorect


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I am a new Evernote user for iPhone and have a recurrent problem already. The default date set for all my notes is the Hebrew calendar. I have multiple calendars I use in iCloud including Work, Home, and was subscribed to US Holidays, Hebrew holidays. So after inspecting almost everything in my iPhone Prefs I still get the default Hebrew date on all my notes. No problem with location, user, or time of day. Any suggestions?

Thanks. Mark

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As far as I know there is no way to select which calendar Evernote draws from.


There is a bit of an hierarchy however, that I have picked up. In reality it may be a bit different but based on my observation:

1) Currently occurring timed event (For example, if at 3:30pm-4:30 you have "Dentist" and you create a note at 4pm, it will be "Dentist")

If there is no currently occurring timed event:

2) All day Events, in alphabetical order by calendar name. For example if you have: "Cheese" "Home" and "Work", and you have an all day event in "Cheese", that will be the suggestion, even if there are other all-day events in Home or Work. 


Evernote has no actual way of determining which event is relevant over another because it can't tell if "Batch b3 dry age" is any more or less important than "Remembrance day" or "Anniversary" or the event occurring in two hours called "Business meeting" if they all occur on the same day. 


A few workarounds, though none are terribly pleasant:

1) Remove the calendar from your iOS device by un-checking it in the calendar app (though this is, of course, a global change that will affect your entire device. 


2) Disable "Suggested note titles" in Evernote's preferences.  

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