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(Archived) Rearranging Tags in beta

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Have just spent the last couple of hours playing with the beta version after importing a copy of my v2.2 file, and have noticed the loss of the ability to easily drag and relocate the (upper tree level) tags in such a way that they are not alphabetically arranged. Many of my higher-priority tags in 2.2 reside at the upper part of the left hand tag/category pane, and the lower priority ones reside lower. The beta version has forced them into an alphabetical order, which puts most of my higher priority items further down the list.

Changing the tag names could work around this, and whilst I know I can rename the tags, I don't seem to be able to customize them as in 2.2 (including auto-remove, icons, formatting of tags, etc.).

Have I missed something here?


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...I just stumbled onto the hierarchical tags threads and realised I'm not the first to notice this. (How could I have missed it!!)

The ability to arrange my top-level tags/categories (why the name change?) into a customised order is probably the single most important functional aspect of evernote to me. At this stage, the changes in beta don't warrant the changeover for me.

back to 2.2 for me. :? (unless the v2.2 categories system is replicated in v3)


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Here's a workaround that I use (though I would welcome the ability to do it via drag-n-drop): I precede all my tag names with a special character, such as ! $ & ^ etc. This leads to tags being sorted in a specific way. I use the symbols for themes, but one could of course use them to set priorities.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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