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  1. Just a thought, Perhaps a section somewhere in the forum where users can upload screenshots of their existing tag.notebook structures for others to see to help newbies get a sense of how things can be done, and to help some of us veterans refine things a little more. I realise we won't all be able to fit our entire tag list in one screen shot (perhaps they could be stitched together if that's the case), nonetheless it could be helpful. I often end up doing this for those I convert to EN with my own notebook/tag structure so they can get started. Having such a big blank template can be daunting for the uninitiated. Alternatively, perhaps another section in the main EN web site that caters for this, perhaps as an image gallery of sorts, which could include a brief description by the author explaining their 'system' for tagging and general workflow. Chris
  2. Hi to the folks at EN. Just hoping there is scope to have a bulk tag removal functionality. Every year or so, I am finding better ways to reorganise my tagging system, and need to re-allocate tags, including bulk removal. Also, there are times when I need to move a group of notes that are related to a given project, to another tag, from an existing one, such as completed project items (i.e. changing their status from 'active' to 'complete'). This also requires the bulk removal of tags. Perhaps it could work in this format (on the mac at least): Use saved search or select single/multiple tags in the tag column. Then select all the notes that are generated. Right-click to bring up the context menu that allows any/all of the included tags to be removed from the selected notes. (Perhaps a flyout that allows individual tags to be deselected. Alternatively, perhaps there could be a column/s in the notes window showing each of the tags for each note with a checkbox that can be deselected, or when ALL notes (after the above tag grouping is done) are selected, deselecting one of the tag checkboxes could automatically deselect all of the same tag in the selected group. Thanks Chris Keep up the great work!
  3. Do you know what the Mac keystrokes are for that? CHP
  4. Tried searching the forum but haven't seen a specific answer to this as yet - hopefully I've missed it. Is there currently, or plans to include, an option to bulk-remove a tag from a group of notes? Sometimes I need to re-tag a group of items that may have been associated with a particular project tag, whose status has now changed, say to 'complete', and need to remove a tag such as "current" from all of that group. I know I can do a saved search of course, but I don't want to have to build up a heap of saved searches designed entirely as "exclusive searches", just because EN can't simply remove a bunch of tags in one hit. Otherwise in time, I'll have more "-tag:XXXXXX" searches than inclusive ones, which seems to undermine the organisational ability of EN. CHP
  5. OK. So I guess you're saying that there isn't scope for the search expression to carry a variable such as the current date, that would be automatically updated each time the search is run. Instead it has to be a fixed value. Chris
  6. What if the saved search was looking for specific tags, not body/title text? e.g. a bunch of tags under a "Timeline" heading, such as: 022010, 032010, 042010, 052010, ..........032011 etc. I might be tagging photos of receipts and want to record which month they were generated, (which won't always correspond to the creation date, or modification date). Or may assign project activities to be actioned within a given month. In comes a saved search, specifically looking for notes tagged with the current month/year (and any other relevant criteria), where I imagine the search syntax would have to have scope for a "SetCurrent(Month,Year)" type of expression in the tag search as follows: search = tag: (SetCurrent (Month,Year)) Hence EN can automatically calculate/lookup the current date info, then initiate the tag search. Hope this explains my point better. Chris
  7. I want to have a bunch of notes where the subject, or more likely, the tag, will involve a date allocation (e.g.02-2011). Can I set up a saved search where the search criteria includes a date argument so that it automatically looks for notes tagged with the current date, particularly the month, in mind? e.g. Search dialogue: tag: (month, year) I want this saved search to be called "This Month", and have it automatically search for all notes that are tagged with the current month/year. That way, when the search is activated, I will always just get the notes for the current month/year. I realise there are other ways of doing this, just wanted to see if the search syntax allows for this type of variable in the search. Chris
  8. Had already thought of that - just that some of the tags can get a little long, and was hoping to see if there was a simple 'modifier'-click option instead. Just to confirm, it is a Mac version I am referring to, though no doubt a Win option for this would be useful too.
  9. Obviously, one can do a quick (inclusive) search, by command-clicking the notebook/s and tag/s to be included in the left hand column. Is there a modifier key that can be used to 'exclude' a particular tag as well. e.g. select Notebook A, and tags D and E, but exclude tag Q in the search, where tag Q is an 'Archived' tag. If not, can it be implemented please? Chris
  10. Thanks for that, Had considered that option, but wanted to see if I could keep it simpler. I think for now, as a lot of the traffic will be one-way for a while, I might just get her to email everything to my evernote email address so at least it finds its way into my evernote, without her having access to it all. I've gone back to 3.1 as it is - too many bugs in 3.5, and a few changes I'd rather hang on to (especially some keyboard shortcuts). Thanks for the thoughts though. Chris
  11. Because we don't have the option of sharing selected notebooks with other EN account users on the desktop clients yet (I know it's possible through the web), it is possible that as an alternative, I can set up EN on a new machine, log into my account, but limit which notebooks are sync'd to that machine? For example, I want to set up a notebook that is for communication between my PA and myself. I then set up a "Communications" notebook on my account. I then set up evernote on her computer, using my account info, but only let her instance of evernote syncronize the "Communication" notebook - and none of the others. Effectively restricting access to the rest of my notes. Such a function may require re-entry of the account password in order to dis/allow that machine to sync the rest of the notebooks. Is there a possibility for this to occur? Chris
  12. Just an idea - Over time, my saved search list is growing, and it's getting slower navigating through them to find the one I want. Is it possible to have a button bar where we can put icons for our favourite saved searches? (On our desktop version of EN) Perhaps it could be one that people could have the option of turning off if they don't want to lose any screen real-estate. I would envisage the saved search icons, when clicked, would add the relevant search criteria to the search box, in a cumulative sense, so that the search can be built on by clicking other icons. e.g. I could click on my To-Do icon, so see my To-Do tagged notes, then click on my "-tag:Done" search icon to remove those items that are completed. Some search criteria (buttons) such as "-tag:done" could be ones utilised against a number of searches such as for tags with "Projects", "meetings", "Phone Calls" etc and would come in really handy for sifting out the inactive items. I am getting the impression that the EN guys are wanting us to utilize the 'saved search' feature more, however, these 'controls' are still located out of the way at the bottom of the left pane (I realise the others are collapsable) - it would seem to make more sense to move these controls further up the pane (or give us the option of moving it up ourselves - I know I've mentioned it before.....) I just think that more 'focus' needs to be made on the Saved search items (Button bar icon shortcuts, move up the left pane) - if they're going to play a more dynamic role in accessing groups of notes. Chris
  13. Haven't got a fix for this problem, but do have a simple work around, that avoids deleting your database etc, and is based on the tendency for it to occur for notes clipped from Firefox on Mac. Find the un-sync'd note in your notes list, right click it, select "email note", and type in your evernote email address. Click Send. The note has been sent directly to your database on the main server. You can now delete the local, unsync'd note. Re-sync Evernote, and the note you just emailed will appear. Voila! Chris
  14. Hi Dave, I had a feeling the reply would have something to do with saved searches! I have well over 100 different tags at the moment (which may not be a lot for many), and have preferred to let the tags keep me organised (a result of using pre v3 versions), instead of creating saved searches as well. I guess I haven't got my head around using the saved searches in the way that had been intended to it's fullest. Have you guys put together any documents that describe all the syntax used in saved searches? Chris
  15. Not at all. Multiple tags still worked fine. Sometimes though, applying a new tag to an item, would sometimes make an earlier tag redundant, and the v2.2 made it possible to automate the process quite well. However, they've changed tack here and now want to put the focus on saved searches instead. Chris
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