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Deadlines for Events

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I created this post specifically in connection with deadlines and listings for Calls for Entries for artists, writers and others. This topic would be good for legal personnel also with court dates, lawsuit deadlines etc. (used to be paralegal).

I have a notebook set up for Calls for Entries. Every exhibit that I am interested in submitting my art has a separate note. The title of the note indicates the deadline date and the type of deadline process. For instance, "2/15/12 Online deadline" is the title of one note. It doesn't specify the exhibit name, but I do this so the notes will be indexed according to date. A problem does come up with October-December month dates because they go before February date. For now I remedied this with adding B before the month date for those three months.

The actual details for the Calls for Entries are either copied into the details/message section from the online Calls for Entries or I save that information as a .pdf and attach it, which inserts it into the note.

I can highlight information with colored text etc.

Once I enter an exhibit, I plan to rename the note with the name of the exhibit, so it will be filed separate from the dated notes in that same notebook.

When I am accepted into an exhibit, I will cut the information out of this note and add it as a note in my Exhibits notebook. I will add the photo of the piece of art and everything I need for tracking this piece. I can scan in any shipping forms etc. so I have it all together. I then will edit the name of this note to include "tracking" and the date that I should have the art piece back from the exhibit, like "Tracking 1/31/13 Peaceful Times Exhibit." Sometimes my art is out for one or two years. During that period of time, it may be added to another exhibit like at a museum so I have a lot of details to keep up with. I have had to track down my art after several exhibits.

All of this may seem very involved, however in the past I have had thick notebooks that I used just to contain the information on the exhibits. I then had to add every date involved to my calendaring programs. It could be a pain and no matter what I did, it just didn't do everything I needed it to do, in one place.

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The title of the note indicates the deadline date and the type of deadline process. For instance, "2/15/12 Online deadline" is the title of one note.

For date searches and sorts, putting the year first in the title will be more effective.

2012_02_15 Online Deadline

A "Due Date" field would also be helpful, but Evernote is having trouble implementting it.


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From Business Insider - Dec 8, 2011


Evernote - What's coming next?

We asked Evernote CEO Phil Libin point-blank if to-do lists, which are a popular use for Evernote, are coming.

"To-do lists are coming," he said after taking a deep breath.


Libin also took pains to stress that it wouldn't look and feel like traditional to-do list apps.

"I don't want a to-do app, I want a DO app. I don't want a list," Libin said.

Search Reference Code 47ER92

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