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(Archived) HTC Rezound and Evernote Storage


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The HTC Rezound file structure is such that it lists SD card and SD card 2 (or ext_SD).

Evernote, when addressing backups for example, uses SD card. On the Rezound, this is actually internal phone memory. The "real" (physically removeable card ) is ext_SD or SD 2.

Although not really all that much of a problem, a mobile app option to set the backup location would really be useful.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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So basically, right now it's on your internal memory rather than the removable microSD card..?

Yes. The removable miscroSD card, on the Rezound, is is sdcard2 or ext_sd.

Either way, you can find the Evernote folder where all of the content is in the root of the location, rather than in sdcard/Android/data

The Evernote folder is /sdcard/Evernote.

It is not a big deal, as I know where the app and data are located. But whenever Evernote does something sdcard related, it really is doing it to internal memory. So, for example, if one flashes a custom ROM, Evernote gets wiped.

Easy enough to rebuild, but a setting option might be useful. Titanium Backup also does the same thing on the Rezound. Default backup folder is /sdcard/TitaniumBackup. Again writing to internal memory. TB, however, has a settings options to set the backup folder. So, you can change it to /sdcard2/TitaniumBackup or /sdcard/ext_sd/TitaniumBackup and your backups are actually on the removable miscroSD and don't get wiped with a ROM flash.

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