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(Archived) Notes on Harddrive - Accessible without password?

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What are my options in the following scenario?

- windows client

- a synchronised notebook

- credit card statements scanned for future reference

- password is not saved, so i am asked everytime for password during synchronisation. all good.

- computer gets stolen

- theif opens evernote, can not synchronise anything without the password, but gets to view the scanned credit card statements as they are stored in the harddrive.

How can this be prevented?

I have read about third party/windows built-in encryption options in the forum, but they appeared to be a bit complicated, and bothersome.

Is there a possibility of Evernote keeping an option for Password-protected access for harddrive's notes also?

If not, is third party/windows built-in encryption my only choice?


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You can configure Evernote so that it does not remember your password for the service. This prevents someone from accessing your server data if you lose your computer.

We believe that rather than relying on every application on your computer to reliably encrypt its data independently, if you're worried about someone accessing the data on your computer, you should encrypt the whole hard drive. This way you have protection for your mail, your notes, your calendar, your documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Both Windows and Mac have built-in file system encryption options which would password-protect all of your data. On Windows:


Otherwise, there are some great commercial and open-source alternatives. For example:


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