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(Archived) FTP Sync

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Our service is more than just a collection of files. The entire synchronization scheme requires careful management of each element in your account (tags, notes, resources, notebooks, saved searches) so that your account is always in a consistent and usable state. The implementation of this synchronization and data management scheme can't be done on a simple FTP site.

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Ok, so what about a server version of Evernote a client could install on his own server?

In this way it could have also incoming emails to send notes (as you provide in your service).

One of our most concerns is that this kind of tools is so useful that it could become easly the primary store for vital key information (login, password, bank accounts etc). We have big problems in storing this information outside.

Plus the 500 mb limit could become a big issue once you start saving lot of stuff and as Google proved yesterday with Gmail, no external service is 100% reliable (as internals ones but on that we can do something...).

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Enterprise client-server software licensing typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, and we'd like to keep Evernote affordable: it's free for most of our users, and our Premium licensing is cheaper than comparable commercial solutions.

You should also note that 500MB is not a total limit on your account ... this is just the monthly upload limit. There is no absolute upper limit on how much you can store in Evernote.

We absolutely agree with your thoughts about openness and data availability, however. That's why we're working pretty hard to make sure that you can always get your data into and out of Evernote in multiple ways. Currently, you have a full copy of all of your notes on any Mac or PC. You can export those to HTML or email them.

We're also adding support for an XML export/import file format to both Mac and Windows so that you can export some or all of your notes to a file on your computer that could be easily imported elsewhere.

We're also making the full contents of your account available via POP3 and IMAP, so you could get your notes out via any mail client. (The current POP/IMAP service is a bit of a mess, performance-wise, and we're in the final stages of developing a highly scalable replacement.)

Finally, we're also testing a full network API for the Evernote service that can be used to access data by third-party clients and web services. We hope to make this available in the next 3-4 weeks.

So we're doing everything we can think of to make sure that you always have access to your own notes, in dozens of different ways.

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