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(Archived) Mac Preview Feature in Evernote?



Hi all!

First off, I'm new to Evernote and LOVE it! Thanks so much for a quality piece of software.

I was just wondering, (and can't seem to see anything on it) if you can 'preview' a document in Evernote. I know there is the thumbnail which is helpful but sometimes I want to just click space bar so the mac in built preview of the document comes up.

Is this do-able.

Apologies if I offend anyone with the noob request!



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No this isn't currently supported - I'm guessing because you can have multiple docs in a note and they don't want to code logic around which to display.

You can of course click on the Quicklook button...

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Hi I was wondering if this might be supported in the future. While viewing my notes in Evernote on a Mac it would be great to cursor through my notes and then hit space bar to see a preview of the currently selected note in Expanded card view. It would be great way to skim over and then view specific details.

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