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(Archived) iPhone: mutiple snapshot notes = crash (and other things)

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This weekend I was taking a series of about a dozen snapshot notes in a row. This process made me realize a few issues with the iPhone client:

1) Crash: I couldn't seem to enter more than 2 without the client crashing. It would always crash in the same place, after I took the picture and had pinch-zoomed it and clicked "use photo". It would think for a second and then crash back to my home screen.

2) Tags: In the tag field, how do I enter multiple tags? If I typed "salmon seafood fish" I would get a single tag called "salmon seafood fish"

3) I wanted to enter this series of notes in the same notebook, but I had to select the notebook each time, I don't know the right solution here, but at the time, I wanted it to "use the most recent notebook"

4) What is the area that is supposed to be captured by the snapshot note? Is it the area between the "shaded" parts on the screen? I Sometimes the top of the picture seemed to get cropped even though I could still "see" it on the screen under the "move and scale" header

That's about it. I love the app, by the way - just providing some feedback.


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