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(Archived) (Archived) Problems with multiple shortcuts


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Hello, I am using Evernote on an Optimus V with Android 2.2 and I have noticed an issue with shortcuts. When I try to make more than one shortcut on one of my home screens to specific notes, such as one to "General Notes" and another to "Tasks" for example, the names are as normal but they eventually change so that all the shortcuts are just named Evernote. Also I can't put more than 1 shortcut in a folder. If I try to put a second one in it just disappears. Is anyone else having this problem or just me?

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I have the same problem. I made three different grocery lists, one for each store, and made shortcuts. One for Central Market, one for Tom Thumb, one for Whole Foods. After I turned my phone off and then back on again, all three had defaulted to the name "Evernote." :-( I have an Optimus V. I love my new phone and this application, but it would be nice if the actual names of the lists remained.

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