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(Archived) Uploading Photos


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When I take a photo using my galaxy S2 and upload to Evernote, the picture appears in Evernote fine on my phone, but it does not appear anywhere else (ipad or laptop).

The picture size is 1.5 mb and I just started using Evernote, so I don't believe there are any size issues with my free account... does anyone know what might be the issue?


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Do you take a picture with the native camera app and share to Evernote, or do you open Evernote and create a new picture-note from the widget icon or the menu bar?

Either way you can choose the resolution of your snap - if you're just documenting stuff dial it down to 640x480 so the pictures are smaller. Save higher resolutions for granny-grabbing pet or infant pictures, or hot friends.

As you took the picture on your phone it naturally appears there - but did you sync the ipad/ laptop before looking for the picture? Depending on the speed of your network connection to both, a 1.5MB picture might take a moment to load up...

Have a look on the web Evernote - is your picture there?

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