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(Archived) Finding the iPad app to be much easier to use than Skitch for Mac.


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I love Skitch on my iPad so much that I thought I'd try it on my Mac. Took me several minutes to work out how to crop (as opposed to seconds on the iPad app) and then took more time to work out how to save the image. I clicked "save" in the upper right corner and couldn't tell if anything happened. Then I clicked the "share" button and suddenly the image started uploading, but to where? I haven't logged into Skitch or Evernote. This made me panic as I was trying to edit a scan of a check I was trying to deposit to my bank via their website. The idea of a scanned check image floating around the interwebs does not make me happy.

Finally, I worked out that to "save as" I had to click "export" in the file menu. Should there be a learning curve when using the same app on different platforms? I would think not.

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I agree. Skitch on Mac is probably the least intuitive app in existence for Mac OS X. Heaps of usability problems and "un-Mac-like" behaviour - hopefully, with time, Evernote will get it sorted and make it just as slick as the iPad app, which I found surprisingly good.

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