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(Archived) Encryption in shared notebooks doesn't stick?

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I recently upgraded to Premium, primarily for the ability to share notebooks with the rest of my family which we all can edit and use as a centralized location to share things and keep on the same page with each other. A few of the things we are sharing are sensitive, so I encrypted them - however, I've noticed that it doesn't seem to stick with shared notebooks.

By that I mean, in my personal notebooks when I access something encrypted, the moment I save the note, or move to another note, etc., it returns to being encrypted and I would have to re-enter the password to access it again. However, when I access something encrypted in a shared notebook, it stays unencrypted from then on, and I have to manually re-encrypt it (right click -> Encrypt Selected Text) to get it back to how it was. This is a hassle and compromises the security feature.

I was just wondering if this is expected or known, am I missing an option to prevent this, or is it a bug/unknown error that maybe Evernote can fix? If so, submitting this as a bug report, or please kindly direct me to where I should officially submit it. Thanks.

(and please, let's not get into a discussion of data safety - I'm sure many of you feel it is never safe to put sensitive information in a shared notebook with only Evernote encryption and all that, but I'm aware of the risks and am OK with them, would just like info about this problem/bug)

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I'm now noticing that it actually is only happening in one of my shared notebooks... another notebook that I have shared, the encryption does revert correctly. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

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Thanks! Just to add a bit more detail: I've noticed that sometimes a grey block appears around decrypted text. In these cases the encryption sticks when I make a change. The problem I described in my first post only occurs when the block doesn't appear.

Problem is that the block may appear on some notes but not others (I can't see any pattern here), and the next time I open Evernote the blocks may be missing on all notes or appear on different ones.

When I read other posts on this issue, it seems like there may be some instability in the code around encryption? Makes me quite nervous about the security of my data.

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