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(Archived) Feature request: Minimize Toolbar

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I love your application.

One minor complaint I have, however, is that while using Evernote on my netbook (aspire one) there is too much wasted screen real estate with the large toolbar at the top on the windows version.

Thanks for the great product!

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I agree, toolbar needs to have a mini-version.

as a side note - I haven't used the toolbar even once in EN3, that just means that the keyboard shortcuts are excellent and easy to learn.

So, in addition, I'd like to request a way of turning it off, no biggie though, there are definitely other things more important that need addressing.


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  • 6 years later...

OP was in 2008. Six years later, I still find that there is just too much wasted screen real estate and no way to hide toolbars/menu bars that I do not want. When you open a note in a separate window, close to 25% is consumed by navigation toolbar, formatting bar, tags, menu, etc. Would be  good to be able to collapse or hide all this when not needed.

Hope something can be done about this long overdue feature.

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