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(Archived) Cannot install Evernote on phone


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Hi. I've searched around for an answer to this, but haven't found one, so here goes:

First of all, I had Evernote installed on my LG Ally phone (Android version 2.2.2) for several months with no problems.

Suddenly, without warning, I began receiving constant errors that the "SD card has been changed" and Evernote would shut down. (I have done nothing to the SD card, and have not had any other problems with it)

Eventually, I uninstalled Evernote and tried to reinstall it, thinking that might solve the problem. It didn't.

Since then, whenever I try to install, EN installs and lets me sign in, then gives me the following error:

"Database Read/Write Error

Evernote is not able to create the database file. If the problem persists then please restart your phone and make sure the sdcard is not full android.database.sqlite. SQLiteException:unable to open database file."

I have plenty of free space on my phone and SD card. I tried restarting the phone. I tried re-downloading the Market version of EN, beta versions, side loading, direct installing; I even reset the phone to factory defaults, but I still get the same error!

Any ideas? I am going on a trip in a few weeks, and I would REALLY love to have EN with me on my phone...


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I don't know why this happened, but you should try to delete the Evernote directory on the SD card before attempting reinstall, i.e.:

1. Uninstall Evernote

2. Delete Evernote directory on SD card

3. Reboot phone

4. Install Evernote

This has worked for me in the past, when Evernote wasn't as stable as now. Everything has to be re-synched, though.


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