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(Archived) 11/16 Forum Service Interruption and Data Loss

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If you could go back in time 18 hours, what would you change?

Unfortunately, due to last night's major hardware issue, that's what we as a community are faced with. After subsequently going down and moving to a new server cluster to avoid further issues, our provider was faced with either importing possibly corrupted data files or rolling back 18 hours. They chose to minimize risk, and so here we are.

My sincerest apologies to anyone who lost content and discussion over the last 18 hours. I know I have a few things I'll want to update in the morning, but as with any discussion worth continuing, we'll get back to where we were.

For now I'll just reiterate that this was a malfunction with our forum hosting company, and does not affect Evernote user data at all.

Also, remember time travel is dangerous:

Feel free to comment below and remind eachother just what happened in the last 18 hours. Oh, right.

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