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(Archived) Tag Editor for Evernote

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Hi. I'm a power evernote user with an emphasis on using Tags. I really like the nested tag structures that allow you to quickly browse through tags, however I find that organizing my Tags takes about the same amount of time as organizing my notes. Is there a tag editor available or in the works? Right now all the tag organization happens through mouse drag & drop in the evernote sidebar, which is awful.

This is a big feature request if not.

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That is an excellent suggestion. Mouse dragging and dropping is the pits with many tags that scroll over several screens.

I'd love to see a better system to manage tags.

I ended up creating my own personal system using lots of prefixes to group similar tags together.

Once a week, I will turn the Left Panel back on (F10), roll up my sleeves, and clean-up any misspellings or close duplicates.

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