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(Archived) QUESTION: Integration with Growl 1.3.1



EN isn't listed in Growl's compatible application list for it's new version 1.3.1. and there are numerous reports that many apps won't work until their framework is updated. Anyone know if 1.3.1 (from the app store) plays well?

I'm currently on Growl 1.2.2

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Has anybody a answer for above?

In the menu of Evernote you can setup your preference for growl, but the button isn't activated. Is a solution of this problem waiting for a update from Evernote or Growl??


Posted 19 November 2011 - 12:39 PM

I buy it from the app store, and it works well, but only a few apps support growl.

@Henshao "a few apps support growl"

Means Evernote as a the few app who support Growl?

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