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(Archived) Need help with Applescript and Evernote



I have a number of email subscriptions from different websites being automatically forwarded to Evernote. These are newsletters that I want to save for future reference. I have multiple folders in a stack. My goal is to use the script to automate tagging of the notes and moving them to specific folders. I have changed the variables to be generic.

Here is my script:

tell application "Evernote"

open collection window with query string "notebook:Inbox my search term"

set tag1 to tag "tag one"

set tag2 to tag "tag two"

set matches to find notes "notebook:Inbox my search term"

assign tag1 to matches

assign tag2 to matches

move matches to notebook "Designated notebook"

close window 1

end tell

Everything works great with the exception of moving the notes to the designated notebook. This always results in an error. Is there something wrong with my script? I have been able to get the script to work by having it move one note at a time and looping. I want to have all the notes move at once instead of waiting them to move one by one. I sometimes have 100 notes to process.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Thank you for the reply. I have successfully moved the notes by looping the command. I am trying to avoid looping because it takes too long.

I am completely new at using applescripts so I am not sure how to tell what is considered a location specifier. I basically modified the script found here but found that the move does not work:

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