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(Archived) Graphic note versus Skitch. What is the future?

Guest mrossk

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In EN Windows is it possible to create graphic notes but not Skitch notes.

In Android it is possible to create Skitch notes but no graphic notes.

Why does evernote offer 2 graphic-programs that are not compatible each other? The meaning of evernote is: Using your notes on all different devices. But offering incompatible programs for different platforms has nothing to to with the concept of evernote.

So what is the future? I use graphic notes because in graphic notes every single element can be edited even after saving and reopening this notes. (In Skitch all graphics are saved in one bitmap and you can't edit single elements later) Can I be sure that graphic notes are supported and further developed in the future? Or does Skich replace them? Or will both programs run always parallel in the future?


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You've been around long enough to know that they rarely talk about the roadmap.

Some things are relatively clear though - the ability to create graphic notes on Windows came about before the Skitch acquisition. It seems likely that effort will be concentrated on making Skitch as cross platform as Evernote is...and so a Windows version. I'm guessing that they will also tighten the integration between Evernote and Skitch.

None of this answers your question about whether the Windows graphic notes capability will continue to be supported, my guess is that Skitch will eventually become the standard option across every platform - eventually.

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This is exactly what I guess too. Sometimes I am thinking about using/creating graphic notes more intensive (for my business needs). But because of the current development of skitch I think it is better not to invest more work in such notes.


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