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Thanksgiving Organization

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I can hardly believe it's nearly Thanksgiving here in the states! This massive undertaking of a meal has got me thinking (especially since I'm hosting this year), of organizing it.

Here's what I'm doing:

1. The food. Started a notebook with recipes of interest related to this fabulous holiday (confession: it's my favorite one.) As I cruise around, and inhale Thanksgiving magazine issues, all those bits of info go into that notebook. I also have a "real life" file of everything I've collected from the last 15 years or so on food and the plan of getting it all done. It's soon to be entered into Evernote so my iPad will be my control center this year.

2. The fun stuff. I've been finding all sorts of great table scapes, crafts and decorating ideas for the holiday. So, I've been stashing the keepers in Evernote (as well as Pinterest) for those I'd like to try.

How do you organize yourself? Have any great resources to share?

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We usually host Thanksgiving for my husband's side of the family... usually around 40 people. I keep a list of everything that's needed, what everyone brought, what worked/what didn't and what we should remember for next year, etc. My sister in law is giving it a try this year so I just forwarded her that note!

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