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(Archived) Windows Mobile Note Uploading Issue

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I am using the latest version of Evernote for windows mobile on my AT&T Tilt and one issue i have is that every time i turn it on it starts scanning my phone for notes to upload. I say this because when i create a note and go to the upload section it shows that i have 12000 notes to be uploaded for example. (I have it set for manual uploading). These files that evernote is mistaking for uploading are mostly data from my rss reader. Is there any way to stop this behavior every time i turn on Evernote ?. Or if something can be implemented so I can select a specific folder when i first launch evernote so it only looks into that folder for note uploading.

Thanks for any help.

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In the app, go to:

Menu > Options > Snapshot Import

You can change the folders that it scans on your device from this screen. You can also disable this feature entirely ... in this case, you can just take pics directly from our app to upload.

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