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Car Shopping

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I wanted to share how I used Evernote when shopping for a used car last summer. I would go to used car lot when it was closed, like Sunday afternoon, armed with my iPhone. I started by taking a picture of the sign. This gave me a reference for the next set of notes. Then I made a series of picture and audio notes for cars I was interested in. When I got home on the computer, I updated the tags. If I was doing it today I could cross link the pictures and audio. I could also look up more on the dealer's website. This gave me better information than the web site alone. I also used a mobile device when it made sense and the richer desktop when that made sense. Evernote excelled at this.

By the way, it is interesting that this forum post editor thinks Evernote is misspelled by default. Seems like someone might want to add it to the master dictionary.

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Hi. Thanks for sharing. I am car shopping now as well. I'll take your suggestions to heart. In my case, though, I am mainly doing the searching through the Internet. Too much driving to check out all of these places.

1. Make a note for each car

2. Title the note with the date + dealer + car basics

3. Tag the note with "carsearch"

4. Emails get tagged and sent to EN

5. In phone calls I use the following format, with one tag for each dealer and links to notes with the cars mentioned:




Contact Number:







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