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(Archived) annoying Full screen. please




this is an awesome program to take notes and one of the few apps that allow Lions corrector, which i need.

Full screen is quite practical. But the window of the note one is editing is too low.

the upper margin is too low and The inferior margin is so low, that one has got to be scrolling down the whole time.

please don't let it fall so low.

besides, there are too many menu bars in the full screen as well as in the normal screen.

please let me hide them all if i do not need them.

if I people wanted a festival of menu bars and buttons and options, they would use Windows OS.

one last thing: please make it easier to take notes using the list:

if one writes "1." the program will not continue the list.

thank you very much.

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By too low, you mean it sits too low on the screen? May I ask what screen size you're viewing this on?

Also, you can start a list that will continue 1. 2. 3. etc, but it won't do it automatically like Word or some other programs.

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Hi dlu:

Thanks for your reply.

I use macbook air 11" with 1366x768.

1. This is what I mean: http://imgur.com/SppSV

as you can see, the text note window appears to be fallen down.

oh if I manually hide the toolbar, it gets something better. http://imgur.com/UBu8K

but is not there a way to hide all those menu bars?

2. it would be awesome if one could use the tab button to create lists, just like in the Notebook layout of the Ms Word for mac… although i reckon it must be kind of copyrighted or something.

when you are taking notes, you need to be able to create hierarchical structures to put the thoughts and ideas in order… at least IMHO.

it would be

Thank you very much again.

best of luck,


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