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I have created a personal blog for storing my recipes and have found Evernote to be an invaluable tool. My blog is organized by category and I've created notebooks in Evernote with those category names for storing recipes and blog post ideas. I'm able to clip a recipe, a picture (if available) and the website (to give credit to the source) and store it where I know I'll be able to find it again. I also have a notebook entitled "Recipe Box" where I store miscellaneous clip art, menu plans, and other things that don't fit into the blog categories. Once I have tried a recipe (or my husband has, which is more often the case), I make any necessary adjustments to the recipe, and then create a blog post with the recipe name as the blog post title. Finally, I've been able to recycle all those clippings from websites, magazines and newspapers and put them in a place where they easily accessible, and make them available to family and friends as well.

Here's a link to my recipe blog to see how easy it is to keep that recipe clutter to a minimum:

Recipe Road

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