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(Archived) i want the "most premium notebook " but it never seems to be available

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I think the title says it all. The product "most premium notebook" looks really nifty and would help me organize all the handwritten notes already in my shirt pocket. But every time I try to look up the product from the trunk I see "This product is temporarily unavailable", and has been for about a year.

Am I missing short periods of time when it is available? Or are you just teasing us with a discontinued product?

If the former, is there a way I can be put on a list to be alerted to when it is available again?


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Checked into this, and we've taken down the item for now. We had to do these orders by hand and are working on getting them back in stock, but it's a long and slow fulfillment process. I unfortunately can't give you a good ETA on when we might have them back in stock either.

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