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(Archived) Shared notebook: not only edit but also add

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There've been lots of posts here about the difficulties of sharing one-to-many - you change a note and sync to the server; someone else changes the same note with different information and syncs. Your changes and theirs wind up in the "Conflicting Changes" notebook, because Evernote doesn't know which change to honour. Then someone else comes along and changes the original note again...

Evernote is pretty awesome about sharing notes to lots of people, but you may be better off collating new and changed information centrally, or with one other person, than allowing the group to get involved! Anyone adding or changing information needs a Premium account. The others can probably make do with the free option.

Whatever option you want to adopt, I'd suggest a small trial first with a maximum of three people to see if things work the way you expect!

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Hey all,

I would like to take a premium account and share a notebook to non-premium accounts. I read that they can modify items in it, but can they also add notes to it?

If not, is it possible with a sponsored group?

Kind regards

Hi Olivier,

did you find out if it is possible for free users to add new notes to your premium user's shared notebook?

I know it's possible to read and edit notes, but adding new notes would be exactly what I need.

Thanks, Tom

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