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(Archived) Different default notebooks for different clients

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Is there a way to have different default notebooks setup for different clients?

I use the windows client on my work laptop and would like a default notebook setup for that one. But I have another notebook that i would like to be my default for when i clip from my web browser and from my home laptop?

So is there a way i can tell the web to use one notebook at the default and also tell my work laptop to use a different notebook as the default?

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No. The best way is to have your default notebook something like "inbox". Then at the end of the day (or whenever), go through all the notes in "inbox" & file/tag accordingly.

However, you can set the Windows client to clip to the active notebook, under clipping options. So you could make the active (not default) notebook on your home computer as "new furniture" (by switching to that notebook) if you're surfing for ideas for new furniture. Then all the clips you make (until you switch active notebooks) will go to "new furniture" notebook.

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