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(Archived) Evernote and LaTeXiT services



So, the lack of math typesetting in Evernote is probably the only thing preventing me from shifting everything I do to Evernote. I am a big LaTeX user and recently found that LaTeXiT has a services menu in OSX which will take the text highlighted in a document and convert it to the equivalent image of the compiled LaTeX. To do so, you simply highlight the LaTeX string and right click "Services ->Typeset LaTeX text." Unfortunately, for me at least, this only works in Evernote when the output format in LaTeXiT is set to a bitmap format (such as png, tiff or jpg). When I try to use a vector format, such as pdf, Evernote thinks for awhile and then kills the highlighted text with no corresponding pdf copy of the math string.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I have tried the equivalent operation in Pages and had no issues with the pdf format. Due to the many benefits of vector graphics, I would much prefer to use pdfs instead of bitmap images for my equations in Evernote. Any thoughts on how to get this operation to work for pdfs? Thanks!

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I didn't find any solution (so I use bitmap format...) but I do have an other question about Latexit + Evernote. When you want to use Latexit in a note, you can highlight the whole note and ask Latexit to automatically look for LaTeX code, in order to convert all the formulas in equation and that works pretty well...BUT you should be able to reverse this process (you have the option "revert the equations back to LaTeX code")...And it doesn't work with Evernote, because it seems like Evernote change something in the image that prevent Latexit from reversing the process

(in Latexit FAQ, you can find

" The "Revert equations back to LaTeX code" does not work with <some application>.

Some applications unfortunately rewrite the PDF images which are dropped on them, and strip them from the LaTeX data… There is not much to be done to avoid that." )

Is there any option in order that Evernote doesn't change anything of the converted image ?... or a way to include Latex language in Evernote... ;-)

Thanks a lot !

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There is a new option to use LaTeX in your notes.

Eatags is an application that improves your notes with some automated actions. If you want to create a Table of Contents for your note you tag it with eat.tag . After synchronizing the note the Table of Contents will appear.

If you tag a note with eat.latex after synchronizing it your latex code will be converted to an image. Type $$\int x^2$$ for example.

Please register to Eatags.com for testing.

PS: Eatags has been developed as part of Evernote DevCup. Just to mention it is a concept proof that will improve with coming versions.

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