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  1. Hi rs211, eatags eperience with LaTeX can be improved very much. We will try to work with them on it.
  2. For those desperate or ever thinking about stoping using Evernote for the math notation: good news Eatags includes support for LaTeX https://eatags.com/feat.latex Eatags uses WIRIS technology in the backend. In the coming weeks we would like to integrate our Handwriting math tool with eatags. Stay tuned www.wiris.com/hand/demo
  3. @jefito @BostonEnginerd we combined our technology with Eatags.com to offer LaTeX support. http://eatags.com
  4. Hi BostonEnginerd, Math Jax is a good tool for rendering. However, the discussion in this topic is more about how to edit math formulas rather than how to render them.
  5. We are responsible for WIRIS EDITOR. I would say we will make the best to make p(f) , the associated cost, reasonable to make it possible. ;-)
  6. Hi all LaTeX fanatics. There is a new option to use LaTeX in your notes. Eatags is an application that improves your notes with some automated actions. If you want to create a Table of Contents for your note you tag it with eat.tag . After synchronizing the note the Table of Contents will appear. If you tag a note with eat.latex after synchronizing it your latex code will be converted to an image. Type $$\int x^2$$ for example. Please register to Eatags.com for testing. PS: Eatags has been developed as part of Evernote DevCup. Just to mention it is a concept proof that will improve with coming
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