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(Archived) iPhone - is Premium Account required for Secure connection?

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I may have missed this, but I can't find any specifics about secure connections to/from an iPhone - is there any security with the standard account (other than the password encryption)? Or is note content (eg text) transmitted as clear text (without encryption / ssl)?

If the standard account doesn't secure my data at all, can anyone confirm that the Premium account does secure the iPhone/Evernote connection with SSL for all communication?



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Across all clients and web interfaces, user authentication (i.e. name+password) always goes over SSL for everyone. Note content goes over SSL for Premium accounts (plaintext HTTP for Free accounts). This includes the iPhone native app, which transmits note data via HTTP for Free accounts and HTTPS for Premium accounts.

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I have been playing around with the encryption. I see that on the client I can encrypt some or all of the test in a note. I have also read that the decryption is only available on the clients, not the web. I cant seem to find a way to decrypt my test note on my iPhone? Am I missing something, or is this not possible? yet?

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Correct - the iPhone app does not currently have support for decrypting text that you encrypted on your desktop client application. This is on our list of things we plan to add to the iPhone, however.


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