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(Archived) HTC Flyer


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I saw that Best Buy just lowered the price of the HTC Flyer from $500 to $300 due to the new kindle fire coming out soon. A while back there was a Evernote blog post on this tablet and I was interested back then, but the price held me back. I like the look of their Evenote integration, but I wonder; is it still relevant now that skitch is incorporated into Evernote? I know that rich text editing is not available in the Flyer notes app and while the pen technology might be better than what's available in skitch, is it worth it? I know there are honeycomb tablets out there with comparable prices that are more powerful in terms of processing power and such. Even the kindle fire will have a dual core processor while the Flyer doesn't.

What do you all think? One of the main reasons I want a tablet is for note taking. Is the kindle fire sufficient (and will it run Evernote effectively), or should I take the plunge and get the Flyer for the added integration? Other good tablets for using Evernote?

Here's the blog post on the flyer for those that didn't see it.




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