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  1. The best app I've found so far for this is Nozbe. They have apps for ios, android, mac, windows, and web. The setup is pretty good, but some of the apps are pretty buggy. I have the windows version but the web version is more capable so that's what I end up using most of the time. The Android version looked great but turned out to be so buggy as to be unusable. This may have changed in the last few months though. The nice thing about Nozbe is that for each project, any Evernote notes that are tagged with the project name are automatically pulled in and can be viewed within Nozbe. You can also pull in dropbox files and box.net files. You can try the service for free with up to five projects. If you need more than that you'll have to pay for a subscription. Best of luck, Steve
  2. I saw that Best Buy just lowered the price of the HTC Flyer from $500 to $300 due to the new kindle fire coming out soon. A while back there was a Evernote blog post on this tablet and I was interested back then, but the price held me back. I like the look of their Evenote integration, but I wonder; is it still relevant now that skitch is incorporated into Evernote? I know that rich text editing is not available in the Flyer notes app and while the pen technology might be better than what's available in skitch, is it worth it? I know there are honeycomb tablets out there with comparable prices that are more powerful in terms of processing power and such. Even the kindle fire will have a dual core processor while the Flyer doesn't. What do you all think? One of the main reasons I want a tablet is for note taking. Is the kindle fire sufficient (and will it run Evernote effectively), or should I take the plunge and get the Flyer for the added integration? Other good tablets for using Evernote? Here's the blog post on the flyer for those that didn't see it. http://blog.evernote.com/2011/09/02/htc-tablets-and-evernote/#comments Thanks, Steve
  3. The google calendar sync seems to work now. It took a while for a note made before the update to show up on my calendar, but I just made a new note in Evernote and within a couple minutes it was on my google calendar. Awesome!
  4. I won't make any arguments for whether implementing this would be easy or not, but I will say that I would love it if it was. I need equations a lot and usually have to use either Google docs or *gasp!* Microsoft Word to make them. Having LaTeX equations would make Evernote more of an all in one note taking application.
  5. As has been said Nozbe is beta testing a windows program right now. If you don't know much about Nozbe, it's a simple gtd task manager. Things are organized into projects. Whenever you tag a note with the name of one of your Nozbe projects, Nozbe grabs it and you can open the note within Nozbe. It's not the perfect integration many like myself are looking for, but it's a start. The windows application is so-so, but the online site works great, so I just have that bookmarked. It's faster than the actual program, has more features, and doesn't take forever to sync with itself. Hope that helps!
  6. I get the same thing, both with making a shortcut for a single note and for saved searches.
  7. Amen! I especially love the better Skitch integration. I hope there is more development on the Skitch side of things to optimize it for note taking. Keep up the good work!
  8. Sorry, the word instantly was a bit of an exaggeration. I meant very quickly. I know there will still be a sync process. I just want to be able to send a picture to a clipboard that is accessible within the desktop version. That way I can avoid uploading the same picture twice.
  9. I love Evernote and all the updates that have been rolling out lately, but sometimes I run into a dilemma. Should I take class notes in the windows version, or the android version? I like the windows version for the ability to type faster and better handling of rich text editing, but I take a lot of pictures too, so if I want to add a picture to a note I'm making in windows, I have to make a new note in android, sync, and then copy the image over. It would be fabulous if I could be taking a note in windows, open Evernote on my phone to snap a picture, and have the picture be instantly accessible on my computer. I would like to be able to send a picture to some kind of clipboard from which to draw on my computer. This would also be a great way to get Skitch images into my notes. Thanks!
  10. I am thinking of getting a bluetooth keyboard to use with my phone. Evernote would be my primary use. Does anyone know how well Evernote for android works with bluetooth keyboards if at all? I'm running Android 2.2 and the newest version of Evernote. If the phone is connected to a keyboard do I still get a pop-up keyboard on screen, and if not, can I still do rich text editing? Supposing everything works well, can anyone suggest a good keyboard? A fold up keyboard would be preferable, but not absolutely necessary. Thanks!
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