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(Archived) How to remove all fonts from a note?



Once a font face has been set on a note, I can't find a way to remove it (so that the default font in the application is used). For example, if I select some text and then set a font, there is no way that I can find to strip all the fonts. So now, when I set the default font in the general preferences, it has no effect on most of my notes. Is there a way to make text "plain text"?

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You're not the only one.

We've been begging them for "plain text" for months. They just don't listen!

Unfortunately, the Evernote developers seem more focused on features, pizazz, pretty formatting, bling, etc. instead of giving us the ability to simply take notes as fast as we can, without having to worry about fonts and formatting.

What's worse, is if you make the mistake of "tainting" your plain text note with a font choice, then you lose the ability to edit it from many portable Evernote clients such as the iPhone client! Not good.

I noticed a good new feature in the Mac client, though: open a note, then on the Format menu, choose "Simplify Formatting" (Command-Shift-F). This will often undo the "tainting", giving you a clean note again, if applied to an entire note (do "Select All" first).

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Thank you! I've been trying to figure out how to get one of my notes to stop underline everything (it's almost as annoying as having text in ALL CAPS...everything is stressed!). Seriously, for all the advertising this company does, you'd think their program would be flawless. Obviously, the rule at the moment is to get in fast THEN create the product you promised. :?

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