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(Archived) Mac Lion --- What happened to the EN button on my browser



Very elementary questions:

1) I upgraded to Lion. In Snow Leopard I had an EN button/icon on my browser. Anytime I wanted to "clip" anything from Safari into EN, I simply hit the button and it was very easy to copy into EN. Is there a similar icon for Lion.

2) i pad -- I've downloaded the EN application onto my i pad. But, I can't figure out how to use it. For instance, let's say in on the NYTimes iPad application and i want to copy an article into an EN note ... how do I do it?

3) The PDF EN manual appears to be out of date... any good manuals, guides, whatever, for EN?

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Thank you for your responses.

1) I clicked on the link you provided and it looked like computer code to me ... .what can I do with this? I need more detailed directions. Thanks.

2) Again, not sure what I am suppose to do with this info.... how do I use it?

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1, Right click it and download to your machine, then double click the file and it will install the file for you.

2. I haven't tried it - but I'm guessing that the instructions are all in the thread.

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