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Request to Evernote developers:

Evernote User Guide says it is possible to export notes to ENEX or HTML files.

However, it is not possible to import HTML files.

I have many notes in HTML exported from other applications - how to move them into Evernote?

In my view, it is worth considering the extension - in the next versions of Evernote - of the range of formats one can import.



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It is most definitely possible to import .html files with our clients, just not using File->Import.

With Windows: Go to Tools->Import Folders and point to the folder that contains your .html files.

On Mac: Drag the .html file (or folder full of them) onto the Elephant, and it will create a new note for each file.

From Mobile: email your .html file to your Evernote email address and it will import as a new note.

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