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(Archived) Looking for screenshots of Evernote for Android Tablets


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I'm doing a workshop for teachers on assessment and one of the tools we'll be learning is Evernote. I have access to all the versions except Windows and Android Tablets. I'm looking for some screenshots that I can annotate. I've never used it on an Android Tablet, so if my requests don't make sense, just ignore those requests.

Login screen

"home screen"

New note screen (with all the notebook/tags/RTF stuff showing)

Notebook/stack navigation screen


Any others that would be useful

Long-press on note/notebook

Menu inside a note/notebook

I just want to be prepared in case someone brings an Android tablet with them. I also want to send folks out from the workshop being prepared in case their colleagues use an Android tablet.

Thanks! You can either post screenies here or pm me for my email address.

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