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(Archived) My Features Request

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Hello everyone!

I looooooooove Evernote. I take college notes only with it. I love being able to record audio if the professor goes on a hard to grasp point, and being able to take pictures of the whiteboard with my cellphone and attaching it to my notes.

However, Evernote can be even better. Here are some of my suggestions:

- Styles! I like using colors in my notes, helps me organize everything a hierarchically, and when my notes are good looking, I am concentrated. I find myself opening the color panel very often. Perhaps Evernote could allow the user to create predefined styles and quick access to them. That would sped up the process and help me pay more attention to the class.

- Dynamic tables. Being able to add or delete new rows/columns from tables after they've been created.

- Styled tabled. Being able to change the border color and thickness.

- Aligned tabs. If there's something that bothers me the most, it's this! Sometimes making lists out of tabs is way to go. However Evernote doesn't seem to align the tabs, so the columns are a little wacky. Trying to adjust them with spacebars doesn't make things better.

- Why can't we change the color of the default note font? we can change the font type, and size, but not color. :)

- Evernote for macs: Why can't we have sketch notes like the windows version? :(

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