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(Archived) Chrome extension feature request for multiple accounts


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I really appreciate this app, but I have an issue, and feel the extension could be improved.

I have three accounts - one for business/work, one personal and the other is for a major project I'm working on, which requires being totally separate from my biz/personal accounts.

Now, I often have to clip URLs/pages and the issue is, I have to reinstall the extension if it's showing notebooks for one account, when I need to clip to another account. Not user-friendly.

Please give users who have multiple accounts the option (in the extension options obviously!) to sign in a different account, so there isn't a need to uninstall the extension, sign out of whichever account we're using, and then sign back in to the right account, and then reinstall the extension. So a drop down menu in the options showing the accounts registered to the user - these would have to be setup when the extension is installed.

The other way this could be done would be to have the extension use the account currently being used. So if I'm signed into my personal account and I sign out and sign into my biz account, the extension should reflect that.

The Delicious extension demonstrates a way of accomplishing the same thing.

I know I could sign in a different account on the desktop, and manually add the URL, etc - but that defeats the purpose of having the extension installed. and I know I can't be the only customer who has multiple EN accounts.

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Just tested this without problem. I have two accounts "owyn" & "owyntest".

- Signed out of web client in Chrome

- Logged in as "owyntest"

- Clipped from Chrome

- Verified new clip was in "owyntest"

- Signed out and logged back in as "owyn"

- Verifed new clip was NOT in "owyn"

No need to remove and re-install chrome clipper extension.

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Well it didn't work for me for some reason. I kept having to sign out of my account (web) and then remove extension, sign into the correct account, and then reinstall the extension. And this was right up to yesterday, when I decided to point out the issue. And then just now, I find that there's a completely different extension installed in Chrome. Perhaps Santa decided to come early! :P

Thanks for putting up with my moaning. lol

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