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(Archived) Help Please On Sharing


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Hi guys,

I am having trouble sharing a note and my searches don't help.

Apologies in advance if I provide info that's not required but not sure what info you need to be able to help me.

I have an Evernote account with a gmail address. I have installed Evernote on my Android Acer A500 tablet and have created a number of notebooks.

One of these notebooks is "DVDs and BluRays To Buy". I wanted my wife to have access to this so she knew what to buy me on behalf of my 3 year old daughter for Fathers Day.

To that end, I installed Evernote on her Android phone and created an Evernote account for her using her gmail account.

I found out you can't share a notebook from the mobile version of Evernote, so I installed it on my Win7 computer and logged into my account. Once the notebooks synced, I selected the above notebook and clicked on Share and put in the wife's gmail account.

When she opens Evernote on her phone she doesn't have anything under Shared notedbooks. I have gone back to the Win7 version and changed the shared email address to her Evernote email address but still no luck on her phone.

I know we need a premium account for her to edit it, but all I want is for her to see my notebook. How do I do this?

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Well that didn't work.

I reset the share to be her Gmail account. Turned on her mobile (which has Evernote installed) and she shortly got the Gmail email.

It said "click on the link below to go to the notebook". Did that and it took me to an Ever note web page that said "notebook sharing is not currently supported on your device".

Just great - it's her mobile she'll have when she's in the store looking for something to buy.

Looks like I'll have to print out the list.

PS it's annoying that setting a share on a notebook can't be done from an Android tablet and requires a desktop PC.

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