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(Archived) Where has "Check for updates" disappeared to?



Latest version 3.0.0 (169177)

The item that has always appeared under the Help menu - "Check for updates" has gone. Can't find it anywhere.

I've checked "About Evernote" - not there either.

It's still there in the Windows version, but in the latest Mac version (running on both Snow Leopard and on Lion) it seems to have disappeared altogether.

And I can't find it in the Preferences - nothing about checking for updates or subscribing to beta versions.

It all seems to have disappeared - so how does one initiate a check for updates now? And how do we opt in or out of beta versions?

Is this deliberate, or is it a bug?

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OK - I downloaded the latest Evernote for Mac from the website, and it is 3.0.1

I had some difficulty installing it - I had to log out and log back in as Administrator, even though my main account has full admin privileges - it told me I didn't have permission to replace the previous version.

However, once I logged in as Administrator, installed the new version over the 3.0.0 version, all is back to normal. The "Check for Updates" is back where it belongs, and there is a tab "Software Update" in the Preferences once again.

If I hadn't downloaded the latest version and installed it over the top, what would have happened? For others who may have the same problem, was the auto-update broken in v3.0.0? There was no mention of this in the Release notes - yet it was a real thing, on two computers (MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard, and iMac running Lion). Would EN eventually have autoupdated, or would it have been stuck in a timewarp?

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Did you download the previous version from the Mac App store?

Apps downloaded from the store typically don't have a "Check for Updates" menu item because that is all governed by the App Store, and Apple wants you downloading any updates through there.

- Barry

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Good thought..! I've been updating EN via its own "Check for Updates" and auto-update since I first got into EN, but I may have done the App Store thing for v3.0.0 - I have a vague memory of seeing somewhere that one had to do it that way... perhaps I misread or misunderstood that.

But you could well be right there, and the reasoning makes sense.

Anyway, now I'm on 3.0.1 and all is back where it should be :) Thanks for the thoughts.

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