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(Archived) Digital PEN n EN 3

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I read in one of your announcement that ritepen 3 has just been released.


This got me thinking that I should get a digital pen (or something similar).I have a desktop pc and a digital pen would make life much easier.

I want to know which digital pen does Evernote recommend.

I want to be able to handwrite and I want to save those notes in Evernote.

Please give me some directions.

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Please note that ritePen 3 and Evernote 3 are different products, though they share similar ink technology.

AFAIK, most pen-enabled tablets are supported (which either support WinTab interface or which are natively supported by OS). I personally tested the Wacom tablet with Evernote.

You can also search Evernote 2 forums, as this topic was discussed there. Here's the example topic: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6614

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