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  1. Hello, I have recently started to use this feature of EN. I find that I can copy an email from my other folders to my EN IMAP folder. I know I can just email it to EN but if Drag n Drop is supported that I will be able to Drag it into the folder/Notebook I want. A norman IMAP email account has this support so I sugguest EN could do that tooo. I request EN to consider this Regards
  2. Hello, I'm happy that Iphone got some new features to its edition of Evernote. I appreciate the work the team of EverNote is doing but I feel left out. Im a long time user of Windows Mobile and I believe you guys started supporting WM before the Iphone. I request the Evernote to implement a similar feature in Windows Mobile. I once again want to thank the team of EverNote for making such a great masterpiece. Regards
  3. I tried it on WM6 and it seems to work. Thanks Great addon to your service.... Regards
  4. Hello, I'm very happy using your software and you guys are doing a great job. Few months back, you informed your users that IMAP was a work in progress. I want to know if there are any updates on this service. I'm really looking forward to using this service. Please provide some details on how this service is coming up. Regards Khanmoce
  5. "IMAP: If your mobile device has an IMAP client, you can configure it to point to your Evernote account and pull down your notes as IMAP folders. Depending on the specific implementation of your IMAP client, this should let you have locally-cached copies of your notes and allow for searching and browsing" The above qoute I got from the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5619&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=imap I want to know how can I setup IMAP in my Windows Mobile. Provide me server and port details. Im very much interested in this feature. Thanks
  6. Hello, I read in one of your announcement that ritepen 3 has just been released. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6544 This got me thinking that I should get a digital pen (or something similar).I have a desktop pc and a digital pen would make life much easier. I want to know which digital pen does Evernote recommend. I want to be able to handwrite and I want to save those notes in Evernote. Please give me some directions.
  7. Well if thats the case, I was wondering if you guys can setup something temporarly for me. I want an yearly sub. IF you could PM me the instructions to pay via paypal and you can mannually update my account. I really need extra upload........ Regards
  8. I'm sorry but that Link doesn't help me. That topic is about upload credits and my request is for a Paypal system. I request EverNote to quickly arrange this payment Regards
  9. Hello, I request EverNote to allow customers to pay via PayPal. I want to buy your product but I feel comfortable paying via PayPal. Please..... introduce this payment method. I need to upload a lot of data on Tuesday and I need a premium account. Regards
  10. Hello, Is there any chance of having this feature in EverNote. Microsoft OneNote has this feature and Im very much fond of using this. I have been using EverNote for about a month now and I think this feature should be a part of this. Can anyone from EverNote Confirm if this feature will be available in the future. Regards
  11. Paypal is good for me as welll.... I intended to purchase a subcription but I cannot with google. Please provide paypal address here. Regards
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