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(Archived) Merge Notes feature needs some improvement

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As mentioned in previous posts, my primary use for Evernote is documenting procedures such as software setup, etc. In doing so, I take many screen clips which end up as multiple notes. Then I go back and select the multiple notes and choose to "Merge Notes". There are two behaviors of this merge procedure that drive me crazy.

Problem 1: Since my notes are a series of screen clips, I end up with one note with all my screen clips separated with a thick gray bar that has "Screen Clip" in large font. I realize that I can take them out and I do because I want to put my own notes on top of many of the screen clips and I think the screen clip separator bar looks tacky. Depending on the number of screen clips, it can take me a long time to go back and edit out the added separator bars. I since learned that I can hold the control key down just before releasing the mouse and the screenshot is clipped to the Windows clipboard (If I'm using Windows but the Mac does not seem to have that feature) and I can then paste the screenshot into an existing note. This is a possible workaround but still takes longer to do that than it would be if I could just merge the notes without the separator bars. Why can't Evernote provide an option to include or exclude the separator bar?

Problem 2: Evernote keeps appending the first line of my note every time I merge something into that note. Evernote wants to use the first line of my note as the title of the note but most times I want to have a different title than what is on the first line. Every time I merge a note with one or more other notes, the first section of my note is a thick gray bar with whatever was on the first line of the note. If I had already named the note something different than what the first line was, the name of the note gets changed to what the first line is. The next time I merge something else with that note, the gray bar gets bigger and I have another instance of the first line of my note inside the gray bar. For example, if my note is called "My Important Note" and the first line of my note is the date 8/24/11 and I merge the note with another note, the name of my note is now changed to 8/24/11 and is also included inside of a big gray bar as the first line of my note. If I merge another note, my gray bar gets wider and I have 8/24/11 listed twice in the gray bar. If I merged notes 3 more times, I would have a huge gray bar with 5 lines of 8/24/11 in large font.

I use this merge operation a lot and it is one of the most frustrating behaviors of Evernote. Why can't this be fixed or some options provided to change this behavior if desired? Or if it is already possible to get around this behavior, how do you do it?



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