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  1. Thanks again for the suggestions. I tried all of them. I was very impressed with Skitch for the Mac and I think it will take care of my needs on that side. I tried Jetscreenshot and was not so impressed. It seemed a little sluggish and clunky. I also downloaded a trial of Snagit and from what I have seen of it so far, I think that will be my solution on the Windows side. I have used Snagit several years ago packaged with Camtasia Studio but hadn't even thought of it for a long time. Rod
  2. As mentioned in previous posts, my primary use for Evernote is documenting procedures such as software setup, etc. In doing so, I take many screen clips which end up as multiple notes. Then I go back and select the multiple notes and choose to "Merge Notes". There are two behaviors of this merge procedure that drive me crazy. Problem 1: Since my notes are a series of screen clips, I end up with one note with all my screen clips separated with a thick gray bar that has "Screen Clip" in large font. I realize that I can take them out and I do because I want to put my own notes on top of many of the screen clips and I think the screen clip separator bar looks tacky. Depending on the number of screen clips, it can take me a long time to go back and edit out the added separator bars. I since learned that I can hold the control key down just before releasing the mouse and the screenshot is clipped to the Windows clipboard (If I'm using Windows but the Mac does not seem to have that feature) and I can then paste the screenshot into an existing note. This is a possible workaround but still takes longer to do that than it would be if I could just merge the notes without the separator bars. Why can't Evernote provide an option to include or exclude the separator bar? Problem 2: Evernote keeps appending the first line of my note every time I merge something into that note. Evernote wants to use the first line of my note as the title of the note but most times I want to have a different title than what is on the first line. Every time I merge a note with one or more other notes, the first section of my note is a thick gray bar with whatever was on the first line of the note. If I had already named the note something different than what the first line was, the name of the note gets changed to what the first line is. The next time I merge something else with that note, the gray bar gets bigger and I have another instance of the first line of my note inside the gray bar. For example, if my note is called "My Important Note" and the first line of my note is the date 8/24/11 and I merge the note with another note, the name of my note is now changed to 8/24/11 and is also included inside of a big gray bar as the first line of my note. If I merge another note, my gray bar gets wider and I have 8/24/11 listed twice in the gray bar. If I merged notes 3 more times, I would have a huge gray bar with 5 lines of 8/24/11 in large font. I use this merge operation a lot and it is one of the most frustrating behaviors of Evernote. Why can't this be fixed or some options provided to change this behavior if desired? Or if it is already possible to get around this behavior, how do you do it? Thanks, Rod
  3. I do use the second option of using Windows Paint or Mac Preview to edit but I haven't looked into the first options you mentioned. Thanks, Rod
  4. One one Windows computer, I still use an old Evernote client version because of some features it had that have been removed from all the newer Evernote clients. With that version, the idea of the crosshairs did not exist. When you initiated a screenshot, a box would appear on the screen in the same position as it was for the last screen clip. You could then adjust the size of the box if needed to accomodate for the area you wanted to clip. Sometimes, I like the newer crosshair method but most times, I would like to use the older method that remembered the screen position of the last clip. The reason is that the majority of my notes are to document things like Software installations and I have notes with many screenshots. Many times, the area of the screen I need to clip are of the same area as the last clip except that something has changed such as a checkbox or other information on the screen. The older way was faster in that when the screen clip was initiated, it would pop up in same area as the last time and I could go on with my documentation instead of having to drag crosshairs onto the screen again. It looks like Evernote would give us the option of using the crosshairs or a static screen position as before. Evernote, are you listening? I love Evernote and tell everyone about it but some of the "improvements" are a step back for me. Thanks, Rod
  5. One one Windows computer, I still use an old Evernote client version because of some features it had that have been removed from all the newer Evernote clients. With that version, I could use Evernote to take a screen clip and while the area was selected, I could hit printscreen again and be presented with editing tools similar to Windows Paint. I could draw markings on my screenclip such as circles, freehand, text, etc. I could then save my changes and it would be clipped into my note. I have used Evernote since 2008 and 95% of all my notes consist of technical instructions such as how to set up a new software package. These notes contain many screenshots. With an up-to-date Evernote client, I no longer have the capability to annotate a screenshot on the fly and have to individually edit each screenshot by opening it up in Windows paint. This procedure takes much longer than it used to when I could simply edit a screenshot on the fly. If there is still a way to do this, I would like to know how. If not, then I beg Evernote to put that feature back in or at least give me an option to have some sort of built-in editing. Thanks, Rod
  6. When I am using my Windows mobile device (An AT&T Tilt) with Evernote mobile installed on it, I would like to be able to copy something from another application and paste it into the window when I select "create" from the Evernote menu. It seems that the only way to manually create a note is to select create and then actually type in the note using the onscreen keyboard or other input method. I found something in another app that I wanted to upload to Evernote. I opened that application and selected my text and chose copy. Then I opened Evernote and chose create. There was not an option to allow me to paste. I don't know whether this is a bug or a feature request. Rod
  7. I have been using Evernote for about 10 days and I love it. However, I have a few feature requests. I have seen some of these covered in other posts but this is jus my comprehensive list. Ability to update a note that would show an update time: For instance, I may have a note regarding a series of ongoing phone calls about something. An example that comes to mind is a credit card charge that I am disputing. I have made several calls to different parties over the course of several days. I know that I can go back to the original note and type updates but I am thinking of a feature in which I could specifically post an update to the note such as right clicking the note and choosing "add update". This update would post the date and time that I made the update. As it is now, I would have to go to the original note and manually add the date to an entry about speaking to someone on the phone Hyperlink to another note entry: I would like some way to create a link within a note to another note. I have seen this request in another post and realize that the difficulty is implementing this correctly across all OS platforms Create markups on an image: Maybe a toolbar that would enable me to draw a circle, an arrow, or create a handwritten note on an image Windows mobile client that syncs: This could be something like what the mobile Outlook client does in that it would sync the last 5 days of notes locally to the mobile device. Maybe it could have options to choose whether or not images are included and maybe always sync items with certain tags. More robust web client Native Linux client: I am an IT professional and tend to use a variety of operating systems. I may use Windows XP for a while and then I may use a Linux OS as my primary operating system for a few months and then go back to using Vista for a while. If Evernote would create a native Linux client, that would cover all the bases. I found a post with instructions on how to install Evernote under Ubuntu using Wine and it installed but it did not seem to run with full functionality. A Linux client would be great. I don't see Microsoft OneNote crossing that bridge anytime soon. Ability to export a subset of notes to another Evernote database: I am thinking of a particular example. I work for a company that contracts IT services out to other companies. When I am working at a particular site such as abc company, I tag all notes pertaining to that company with an abc tag. If I should quit working for that company and someone else takes my place, I would like to introduce that person to Evernote and start them out with an exported subset of my notes that are tagged with the abc tag. That way, my replacement would have a history of what work I performed and get them started using Evernote. Also, I'm sure that the client would be interested in my notes as well. Links to documents are not working: This is more of a comment than a feature request. It looks like from the demos that I have seen that I shoud be able to clip a paragraph from a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet and Evernote should include information about the source of that clip within the note similar to clips from a web page. So far, I have not been able to get Evernote to include any source information. I am currently using Microsoft Office 2007. Could that be the problem? Also, how does the Auto-Import work under Account / Properties / File Auto-Import? I am assuming that I point it to a folder full of something like Word documents, that it would import the text of these documents into my notes somehow. I don't see anything regarding this in the documentation and I have tried pointing it to a folder but it doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks, Rod
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