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(Archived) Screen clip options needed

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One one Windows computer, I still use an old Evernote client version because of some features it had that have been removed from all the newer Evernote clients. With that version, the idea of the crosshairs did not exist. When you initiated a screenshot, a box would appear on the screen in the same position as it was for the last screen clip. You could then adjust the size of the box if needed to accomodate for the area you wanted to clip.

Sometimes, I like the newer crosshair method but most times, I would like to use the older method that remembered the screen position of the last clip. The reason is that the majority of my notes are to document things like Software installations and I have notes with many screenshots. Many times, the area of the screen I need to clip are of the same area as the last clip except that something has changed such as a checkbox or other information on the screen. The older way was faster in that when the screen clip was initiated, it would pop up in same area as the last time and I could go on with my documentation instead of having to drag crosshairs onto the screen again.

It looks like Evernote would give us the option of using the crosshairs or a static screen position as before. Evernote, are you listening? I love Evernote and tell everyone about it but some of the "improvements" are a step back for me.



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