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(Archived) Future request: Search google maps


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What i really mis, is search in maps

you can sey location to a note but you need

to find the location manually, of course i know set location and set current location

but i need modify exists notes and add the locations

please check


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I'm not sure to understand your request.

Here is what I got:

- I open an existing note

- I select edit note

- I select set location

- I tap the name/address of the place

- the map pins the place I tapped, my note is updated with this place.

==> Quicker way to define a place in a note.

Is that what you meant?

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What i mean is enter the address in a search bar and the map shows the location.

if you not at the location and you want to set a note to another location its hard to set,

i have holidays notes and these are out of my country then you need to search via the map to the exact location.

in google maps you have a the top a search bar where you can enter the address.

thanks a lot

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