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  1. Hello, I was wondering has Evernote some strategic future features for client in Android and IOS? What i ment : Still i don't see the option to change the font and font size don's see the option to make links to other notes (not on IOS (Iphone as Android) see many other services which offer the option to add comment to notes (Catch, Google Docs) As a premium user for a while, still missing these features while free services it has standard. Im using it now on , Ipad (Mini), Iphone (4s), Mac pc and Android (galaxy note II, Sony Tablet P) i know to many... Thanks a lot regards tidde
  2. sadly enough Evernote will never make it..
  3. well i glad that you help too on this one, no worry i'll hope evernote see the case and make some change, cause i have also some holiday notes i want to set also there locations too, and not via my desktop but via my tablet nice under a drink of a Whisky on the couch.
  4. Hello, Sure one important busy things in live Drink and tasting... , i have installed the latest beta release and i can see the note info but cannot add or change the location, if i open the note in edit and below there i can set the location, (do i have more options?) then it opens the map , in that screen there is one button which is going to your current location, no search option... i really need this cause its a long way to find in detail by hand btw sure i find first via google maps in android. thanks
  5. Im a collector of Whisky brands and details about it, cause i want to set all the locations to the notes, it would be helpfull if you can search in the map and set the pin, else on the desktop you are able to find via latitude. is it possible to add in android. thanks a lot.
  6. As far as I know Evercalendar forces you to see all your notes on the calendar, not just the ones you want to see as a reminder. Yes that true, but there is no other found so far, its a pitty evernote self doesn't make something like a calendar, how to log your holiday trips e.t. it now a pain to have many notes like a mail client view..
  7. ill like Evercalendar by MoaiApps.. which can add new contants in evernote.. but i agree its a pitty that evernote self not have an calendar.
  8. HI evernote, cannot set location in tablet version 3.2 right?
  9. I notice the same, i have now Ezpdf is cheaper and do the same with pdf , only in combination with evernote is does not work , pdf is included in note, therefore i use Onepunch NotePro, which add as attachment the pdf, ones open the pdf , free to modify with ezpf and after save its fine
  10. Hi What i mean is enter the address in a search bar and the map shows the location. if you not at the location and you want to set a note to another location its hard to set, i have holidays notes and these are out of my country then you need to search via the map to the exact location. in google maps you have a the top a search bar where you can enter the address. thanks a lot
  11. sorry it should be feature request instead Sent from my GT-P1000 using Tapatalk
  12. What i really mis, is search in maps you can sey location to a note but you need to find the location manually, of course i know set location and set current location but i need modify exists notes and add the locations please check thanks Sent from my GT-P1000 using Tapatalk
  13. Why don't you dowload the beta from here? serveral post below
  14. I love to see the direct link in the note details , cause im using Thinkspace pro mind mapping and uses direct link to notes, i found a way to get the link via desktop prog, but on mobile you can't so far. im thinking how easy it could be to copy the link , you can put it your agenda or whatever and open fast notes. thanks
  15. Hi, Yes its a galaxy tab 7" , thanks for explaining , but like others mentions earlier beta releases works fine in horizontal view, no scaling issues so far. please consider it looks very good thanks
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