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(Archived) Tabs must be in there somewhere?

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:D I wanted to set up a simple 3-column table in a note: date, start time, end time as:

DateStart TimeEnd Time

I assumed I could do this by tabbing the columns but hitting the tab key after entering "Date" starts a new line and then the tab indent - not usable.

I could probably do this very simple operation by importing an Excel spreadsheet but life's too short.

Any suggestions? (I can't find out how to use the rulers if they are relevant)

XP Pro, EN

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We don't yet support direct table creation in our client, due to some limitations in our current HTML editing engine, but if you create a table using any free HTML editor and paste it into Evernote, that will work.

We're actively pursuing a replacement for our HTML engine which should remove a lot of limitations.


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I was hoping that there would be a workround so that the Windows tab key would work as it does in normal word processors. Hence my hint about the rulers.

I hadn't realised that HTML would 'run' in a note. That will be very valuable and I will probably be making queries in this forum about it later.

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This has always been a pet peeve of mine. I write code and in my editor use tabs to indent the lines. This is common for programmers. If I want to save a function definition (just for example) in EN all that indentation gets lost unless I right-click the note, pick Paste special, pick paste space formatted text, click OK (too many steps). If I want something other than 8 spaces per tab (4 is my preference) I have to click that and set it each time as there appears to be no way to set the default. Well, that looks correct but of course when I go to reuse the code and paste it in to my editor it's now formatted with dozens of spaces instead of a few tabs. This is clumsy to work with and also makes the files bigger.

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I write code and in my editor use tabs to indent the lines.

FWIW ... I never trust the '\t' tab character for indenting code since it makes interoperability hard with other programmers unless you're forcing everyone to use exactly the same tools and configuration. I usually go into the IDE/editor config and change the option to treat tabs as spaces, and the result is handled consistently by Evernote, email, printing, etc. Although I realize that this is bordering on a "religious" argument ... :-)

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